Installing any type of new flooring over your existing concrete floors starts first with removing the existing flooring materials, such as ceramic tile, vinyl tile, carpets, etc,.

That sound simple enough and straight forward process. However removing the type of adhesive the flooring materials left behind are becomes a major challenge for anyone who is not adequately setup with their tooling’s, machines, techniques and knowledge to do this type of work safely and properly without destroying the concrete floors they are trying to clean or not to harm themselves or others in the process.

Any property owner or property manager should gain a better understanding of the process and the type of coatings they are trying to remove from their floors and the risk associated with that process will help them ask the right questions and evaluate the knowledge and capabilities of their chosen contractors for that particular project.

Whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial concrete floors, these are the most common adhesive types the property owners are removing from their concrete floors in order to install a new flooring materials.

Ø Carpet Glues

Ø Vinyl Adhesives

Ø Paint

Ø Thinset Mortar

Ø Other Coating Types and  Concrete Floor Sealers

First, properly identifying the material we are removing and its content will tell us the associated health hazards with that material. Such as Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, Silica Dust just to name a few. And that tell us the type of safety measures we should be taking to protect the health of our workers, bystanders and the environment.

 And also the types of safety measures we’re taking will determine the type of tooling’s, machines and techniques we should be using to protect and preserve the integrity of the very-concrete floors we are hired to clean. …

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