Polished concrete floors are too cold for residential homes? Concrete floors can be cold, but no more than any ceramic tile or marble floors. Also, one of the abilities of concrete can store and radiate heat batter then most other flooring types. For those who like their floors warmer in winters and cooler on summer months should look into installing radian heat system in their concrete floors.

Polished concrete floors with Radian-Heat System are an excellent choice for any buildings whether it is a commercial, residential or industrial concrete floor and the benefits of the heated concrete floors are obvious.

Installing radian heat system on existing concrete slab is possible with self leveling overlay cements.

There are many cement manufacturers are producing high performance self-leveling concrete overlays for polished concrete floors, Rapid Set TRUE PC, ARDEX, LATICRETE, MAPEI are the major producers for self-leveling concrete and many other specialty products for concrete repairs and other concrete applications. At Old Stone Restoration & Installation Corp., we works with these cement manufacturers; Rapid Set, ARDEX, LATICRETE, MAPEI, Metzger/McGuire to factory trained our installers to gain greater knowledge of their products and to ensure proper product applications.

At Old tone Restoration & Installation corp., we specialized in repairing, restoring -refinishing and installations of all Natural and Man-Made Stones; Concrete cracks and expansion-control joints repairs-rebuilds. Concrete coloring and concrete staining. Decorative concrete floors. Concrete polishing. Concrete sealing. Concrete grinding. Decorative concrete overlays. Self-leveling concrete overlays for residential and commercial floors are among the specialty services we provide for new home builders, general commercial contractors, retail store owners, city and state facilities and many other industrial facilities that are require; Concrete Polishing, Concrete sealing-densifying, decorative concrete floors, installing self-leveling concrete overlays, concrete floor maintenance and concrete crack repairs for their concrete floors on Long Island, New York metro area since 1990.

Any questions you may have regarding your Polished Concrete Floor Project, or Self-leveling concrete-cement overlays for your residential and commercial polished concrete floors visit us @ https://ddei3-0-ctp.trendmicro.com:443/wis/clicktime/v1/query?url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.oldstonerestoration.com&umid=FF8A6F2E-8848-7805-ADFC-57201DA5605F&auth=54639621fcdd7e0f42d2a208112da27408386c06-6b250354b63eb9db0464ef4fa116f6e37b22bd91  or call us at (631)821-5619. At Old Stone Restoration & Installation Corp, we have gained our knowledge and experiences nearly thirty years working with our customers and equipped with all specialty machines and have the man-power to assist you with your concrete floor finishing project.

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