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Educational Building Epoxy Flooring

From primary schools to universities, educational institution flooring endures constant traffic. While busy students don’t typically think about what concrete epoxy or other floor coating system may be beneath their feet, you do—and it has to be one that lasts.

The Benefits of Quality Educational Institution Coating Systems

Students may not notice the easy-to-clean skid resistance that’s built into their classroom flooring, nor the fact that the restroom’s antimicrobial floor resin and integral cove base can help control pathogen growth.

Whether or not young scholars perceive are aware, the hidden features of a high-performance floor coating system are critical for years of durability, cleanability and bold, beautiful aesthetics.

Spaces adapted to the needs of students and staff support successful study habits, and the right floor coating system can help. Safe, brightly colored school flooring can help create a positive learning atmosphere for young children.

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