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Showroom Flooring

Showroom & Car Dealership Flooring 

In car dealerships, as well as other showrooms, the floors are the foundation for great sales. Walking through the showroom door, prospective customers expect to see new vehicles displayed on elegant, pristinely beautiful floors. The combination of the two inspires passion among car enthusiasts and average consumers alike. With the right flooring system polished concrete or a seamless epoxy flooring car dealerships can let the buying fever begin.

Benefits of a Showroom Floorings

Unfortunately, many showroom flooring options currently on the market are less than ideal. A number of these floors are hard to keep clean and bright. Either they tend to absorb stains from new tires, require time consuming costly maintenance and grout lines will never be the same color within a year. Clearly trying to keep up with the maintenance of such floors is a time-consuming and costly headache for dealerships.

Additionally, many conventional car dealership and showroom floors provide little to no slip-resistance, which can be a serious hazard even on a dry sunny day. Rainy or snowy weather only increases the risk of a slip-and-fall event.

However for any dealership; showroom is not the only space needs to look sharp and inviting, waiting room, hallways and bathrooms are no exception. Whether you’re interested Reflective Metallic System with Marbleized looks or colorful Chip Broadcast System for your floors, call us today. At Old Stone Restoration & Installation Corp., we have been installing and as well as restoring many types of flooring systems on Long Island since 1990. And we’ll be glade work with you to help you compare and select a right seamless flooring system to suit your needs.

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  • Motorcycle Display Floors
  • Truck & Trailer Retail Areas
  • Vehicular Equipment Showrooms
  • Customer Waiting Areas
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