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Natural Stone/Tile Maintenance

When we define NATURAL STONE/TILE Maintenance in a given condition, it basically spells out these few words.

(a) Maintaining the desired finish.
(b) Protecting your investment’s value.
(c) Keep it clean
(d) Safety.
(e) The image.

When it comes to STONE/TILE Maintenance there are several methods that peoples are using these days.

From just soap and water to miracle products that coming on the market every day with claims to be the ultimate solution to keep your Stone/Tile clean and give it an instant natural shine and provide safety. Some people use waxes and even car polishers to keep the Stone/Tile shine.

But the reality is that every STONE/TILE is differs greatly from one another based on formations, hardness, crystals and minerals. Each material must be evaluated properly in order to determine a proper maintenance program for that particular STONE/TILE surface.

We must properly identify the materials that we are dealing with.

Is it Natural or Man-maid Stone?
Is it Marble, Granite, Lime Stone, Quartzite or Onyx?
Is it hard stone or soft stone?
Will it etch with acid?
Is it water sensitive, etc.

These are only some of the crucial questions that must be evaluated by the Qualified STONE EXPERTS to create proper maintenance program for those particular STONE/SURFACES.

Keep in mind that a maintenance program is not a restoration process.

Buying a maintenance program for a stone surface that is already being dulled, scratched or stained doesn’t make sense. It will not restore your stones natural shine.

A Good Maintenance Program should start after a new installation or followed by a successful restoration process. Although there are some exceptions, If the Stone/Tile surface is still in good condition, you can start a maintenance program that will:

  • Keep the desired finish.
  • Protect your investment.
  • Keep it Clean & Safe
  • Maintain the Image…

Floors, Walls, Counters, Vanities and Furniture Tops.

  • Weekly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Semi Annually
  • Customized Programs…

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