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ESD/Anti Static System

Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) flooring systems are used in industries where static control is required. Unlike conductive wax finishes that can lose electrical properties shortly after application, these products will stand the test of time. The electro powders used will not slough off or abrade away in any type of environment. We have many products and color selections available for anti-static flooring. Our selection includes thin mil decorative systems as well as high build overlays.

Common Use Sites

Follows ADA, USDA, FDA and OSHA Guidelines
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Processing Areas
  • Data Centers
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Laboratories
  • Packaging Lines
  • Laboratories
  • Plastic Manufacturing
  • Packaging Lines
  • NMR Rooms
  • AGV Warehouses
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Clean Rooms
  • Processing Areas
  • Nuisance Static Areas
These floor systems are intended to help control electrical static build up that is generated from foot and wheeled traffic. ESD flooring helps to dissipate damaging electrostatic discharge. These type of floors are often a necessity in environments that manufacture electronic equipment and flammable or combustible materials. Our products provide permanent antistatic properties for the lifetime of the coating system. Available for use in thin mil or high build systems.

System Build

Topcoat – Static Dissipating Urethane Topcoat
Body Coat – ESD High Build Coat
Grounding – Install Copper Foil Tape to Ground
Primer – Conductive ESD Primer
Prepared Substrate – Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 2-3


Profile/Appearance: 20-30 mils, solid color.
These systems are designed for industrial floor applications where static control is required.

Benefits of using ESD Systems

ESD is a solid color, seamless flooring system consisting of 100% solids epoxy. ESD provides a static dissipative (106-109 ohm/square) surface with a smooth high-gloss finish. Resistance readings are consistent for the floor and are not affected by environmental conditions. At a nominal thickness of 24 mils, this system also provides the additional protection associated with industrial floor coatings.

  • Follows ADA, USDA, FDA and OSHA Guidelines
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